Shapeshift Shipping Tools

Extend the functionality of TradeGecko with our customisable shipping tools.

A suite of software tools and problem solvers to revolutionise your shipping workflows and processes!

The Departures Board

Keep all team members up-to-date with what’s shipping right now! The Departures Board is just what you might find in an airport or train station, but for your warehouse.

This app helps everyone in the company share detailed notes about customers and specific deliveries seamlessly. It provides an amazing tool to aid task management, planning and avoid human error before it happens.

The board can be viewed anywhere with a browser, a computer, a mobile device, or even a static display for up to the minute, at-a-glance information on every current shipment!

The Document Printer

This app will generate bespoke documentation for any packed shipment. Do you need customised delivery notes, individual item stickers, consolidated order packing manifests?

Whatever you need to print for your shipments, we can make it happen. Save time, improve accuracy and reliability. Integrate more closely with your shipping partners. Present yourself more professionally to your customers.

Check out the below examples which were generated from Shapeshift

And much, much, more!

A smart way to collaborate, communicate and stay on top of your key performance goals.